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Here are a few tracks we threw together as a demo for a couple venues who wanted to hear us before we played. We will be working on more formal recordings soon. In the mean time, enjoy these downloads from Last.FM.

Red River (demo release) – Creepy tune about Ol’ Kate. Don’t get nightmares.

Devil’s Love (demo release) – This is a kiss-off tune to Florida.

New Laredo (demo release) – Fast paced blues-rocker. No apologies, just simple rock ‘n roll.

Show at the Blue Moon Tavern opening for the Hoot Hoots

Friday – May 28, 2010:

The Blue Moon Tavern

712 NE 45th St
Seattle, Washington 98105
(206) 675-9116

Old Bottle Black is opening up for The Hoot Hoots! Come out and bring your friends.

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