This was our first show back out in a venue since April 30, and we decided it might be fun to play at the Vic again. Turned out to be a great night. Stephen Nielson opened the show with a set of his new tunes and a few of his older tunes as well. I was happy to hear the St. Petersburg tune tossed in there with a little dedication to yours truly. (I told him just before the set that it is where I grew up.)

We, Old Bottle Black, took the second slot. We had a few technical issues with the sound. I guess the audio guy couldn’t figure out whether it was my mic or the banjo mic that was feeding back, so he kept raising and lowering my vocals to the point where I was screaming just to be heard. Geoff and I were really clicking, I think, cuz we were falling into step the entire way… even after I decided it was a good idea to jump atop a monitor – only to come tumbling down immediately after. Didn’t miss a note though! I jumped right up and got back in it. Adam’s battery was spot on and Steve Yasukawa’s pluckin’, harpin’ and pickin’ were tits. All in all, we had a pretty darned good come-back, all things considering.

Then came We Say Bang! Man, that was humbling. When we first saw them, they opened for us at the very same venue. I can only say that in the last 8 months, they’ve just grown in skill by leaps and bounds. Amazing. They were truly excellent. It was an honor to play with these bad ass rock and rollers.